The team you'll join

With a team of ambitious developers AutoUncle has changed the game of how cars are bought and sold in 14 European countries, competing against some of the Internet's biggest companies. We’re really proud about how we’ve led the development of online transparency in the car market and grateful for the accelerated growth we continue to experience. Our results are a product of a strong team, great culture and a guiding principle of making it hassle-free to buy and sell cars. You'll join an ambitious bunch of developers in Cluj and working closely together with our HQ team in Aarhus, Denmark.

Most people know AutoUncle for the consumer service (native apps and web) used by millions of consumers across Europe. But new colleagues tend to get very excited when they see the technological depth there is to AutoUncle’s platform (accurate car valuations, indexing and data processing of millions cars daily, pro dealership tools, automatic marketing platforms, automated billing and so much more).

The journey you'll embark on

When you join AutoUncle, you sign up for a journey of building one of Europe’s biggest consumer services. The company is financially strong and operating fast. We have few managers and expect new colleagues to get onboard willing to make a difference and grow themselves as part of the journey.

Born as a product company and with a small team of talented developers AutoUncle has changed the game of how cars are bought and sold. We’re proud of how we have led the development of online transparency in the car market and grateful for the accelerated growth we've experienced the last years. Our results are a product of an ambitious human culture and a guiding principle of creating the world's most used platform for making hassle-free deals happen.

While riding a strong momentum, we care intensively about maintaining the agility and strong development power that have led us to where we are today. Achieving this will require that we grow the size of the development team and continue to foster a culture of inclusion, openness, feedback and mastery – an environment where feedback flows with compassion and where decisions are made based on feedback from end-users, not the highest paid person in the room.

AutoUncle is a founder-led company with high ambitions. We're on track build a global brand as a trusted authority within price transparency, but we need the right people to take leadership roles and help us grow the company.

The culture you'll join

We believe the best results are produced in environments where people enjoy working. As you get started you’ll quickly appreciate that the company has a clear vision and a healthy, work culture. We optimise for working smart and have a strong commitment to the type of workplace we want at AutoUncle.

In development we follow the Scrum regime as a way to stay agile and focus a lot on learning and feedback. We’ve been operating as a distributed team for years and have a HQ in Aarhus, Denmark.

The stack you'll work with

Our current stack runs on Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, SASS, React.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq Enterprise, Dedicated servers + AWS.

We work using: Github, Slack, Gotomeeting, Trello, Honeybadger, Google Analytics, Semaphore(for automated testing) as well as a range of internally built monitoring and management systems.

The you

You’re a talented backend developer with strong Ruby on Rails experience. We’re not picky about academic background, but expect that you have a well-trained analytical mindset and are capable of designing architectures yourself.


Besides that we’re super curious to see what you’ve done before: code examples of work, interfaces you’ve built and perhaps responsibilities you have had in other projects. The more specific the better.

We're looking forward to your application.

About AutoUncle

The company is financially strong and operates like a fast growing scale-up. There is a clear company vision (driven forward with OKRs) and a healthy work culture. In combination with the company vision, we work methodically to build The Most Human Company – a place where we can be ambitious, have international impact and treat each other as always growing and oscillating human beings.

We are an extremely ambitious, energetic, and international team of +60 employees. We're in a constant vacuum of learning and developing ourselves and each other, and have offices in central Aarhus, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Cluj and soon Milano.