About AutoUncle
AutoUncle was founded in 2010 by Johan Frederik Schjødt & Niels Kristian Schjødt (brothers) and Jonas Bruun Nielsen in Aarhus, Denmark. AutoUncle is recognised as a leader of innovation in the European auto market. Today, AutoUncle is most famous for its search engine and price comparison for used cars, which are helping millions of consumers every month finding the best deals, saving money and time.

The vision of AutoUncle is to become the most used platform for making hassle-free deals happen - globally. AutoUncle is already an international standard when it comes to price comparison and valuations in Europe - and we will continue this endeavour to become the car valuation standard of the world.

We take an open and collaborative approach to life and business and we believe that we go further when we go with partners. Therefore, you will find AutoUncle’s consumer empowering tools such as price ratings integrated in our partners’ online channels. Our partnerships cover a wide range of touch points from the local garage with 30 cars to big dealership groups, to international brands such as Renault, Audi, Hyundai, to Facebook Marketplace and even The Danish Tax Ministry.

The foundation of AutoUncle is built on a joy and respect for the power of huge amounts of data. Today, we index more than 9 million car listings and from this data we extract the tendencies and insights that help our consumers to make better buying decisions.

We get our passion from creating overview, transparency and fairness in a market where millions of consumers search for clarity. We are born as a tech company and care intensively about building products that scale.

Culture and how we work
The company is financially strong and operates like a fast growing scale-up. There is a clear company vision driven forward by OKRs and a very healthy work culture.

In combination with the company vision, we work methodically with both personal and professional development with the aim to build The Most Human Company. We adhere to the motto "We embrace the imperfect - we're a human company". This means that we're all human beings, and we embrace the differences and mistakes in which we learn and develop from.

We navigate and live by the 5 C's. The 5 C's entail that we're Clear, Curious, Committed, Courageous and Compassionate in everything we do. We want to continue building a workplace where we are honest with each other, ambitions are being met and we treat each other as always growing and oscillating human beings.

  • Troels Majlund Kirkegaard

    Talent Acquisition Manager

    “ Do you've questions about the recruitment process or questions regarding some of our open positions? Just send an email to troels@autouncle.com with your enquiry and he'll reply you back as soon as possible. ”